Polytex Compost Covers & Stock Pile Covers are manufactured from various tarpaulin fabric weights and weave structures depending on the individual requirements of the user which could include A) product being covered B)the length of time covered & C) the geograpical location. Composting covers & stockpile covers can be supplied with a Polytex cover clamping system or alternatively large composting covers can be held in place using concreted filled tyres.

Rod Martin has recently been onsite to discuss the requirements for a government composting facility where Polytex has supplied a Polyethylene Fabric to discuss the covering of Green Waste with an ennoculation process so as to break down the product prior to selling it back into the landscape and gardening industry.

The team at Polytex are available for onsite consultations including measuring of all fabric items, mainentance programs & client options for the ultimate protection of your investment. Contact Rod Martin to discuss your requirements 1300 059 003 or rod@polytex.net.au