Polytex Tarpaulins suggest that to protect your poultry investment & ensure the ultimate bird performance you need to retain your heat through the colder winter months.

Heat loss within your poultry production area increases energy usage, which in turn will increase your costs.  Looking for cost savings and the protection of your investment?  Do it with Fan Covers by Polytex. To prevent cold air leaks in around the shutters on your fans, attach the fan covers to reduce this leakage and mortality rates.

The range of Fan Covers by Polytex are manufactured using ‘in-house’ computerized plotting & cutting equipment which ensures that production runs of fan covers are all accurately produced. The fan covers are available to suit all configurations & sizes from smaller square units to the large cone fans. Ensure to maintain fan belts as required to enhance the life of the belt and keep your fan blades clean for maximum circulation.

To also minimise your costs ensure your curtains have no leaks or holes. Contact Polytex for Poultry Repair Tape for sealing, joining & repairing of tarpaulin products

For the full range of Poultry Fabric products by Polytex Contact us visit http://polytex.net.au/agricultural/products/

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