Hay producers all over are scrambling for the best way to preserve export quality hay.

Polytex Tarpaulins has many varied solutions for all types of requirements from very large Sleeved Hay Covers for large hay stacks. Polytex Tarpaulins is also the manufacturer of the well known “Ratch.e.tarp” which is mainly used for covering smaller hay stacks quickly. The Ratch.e.tarp was originially developed for the cotton industry & very successful in the covering of a 12m x 2.4m cotton module both quickly & securely. It also proved to be very useful for the hay producer with multiple single row hay stacks.

Polytex also has some innovative ideas with temporary / permanent fabric structures that can be utilised quickly to cover bulk amounts of quality hay.

Whatever your requirements are, be prepared for harvest & contact the team at Polytex now & secure peace of mind.

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